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Marching to the Same Tune (Izadora and Koh)

"Well, that might settle it then.  If you'll have me, I can cover that which either isn't your favorite or something you're beak won't permit you to.  As soon as we finish up here, we can go on a little shopping trip to pick things up."

Izadora gingerly reached into her purse and pulled out a small booklet.

"I've already picked up some reading to refresh myself on scales and reading music.  But the rest I leave myself in your capable hands-"

She paused, looking at Koh's appendages.

"...Feathers? Either way."

It was at that point the two were interrupted by the waiter, and the two placed their order.  From there it was chatting about the small things while Iza stalled on the second reason she had invited Koh here.

Is wasn't as though she didn't want to talk about it. 

It was just... difficult.  She hated the idea of being vulnerable.

As Iza finished the last bite of her food, a large fruit salad which Yumi had also excitedly joined in enjoying, she finally picked up the nerve to speak up.

"There was one other thing I wanted to talk to you about, separate from all of this."

Izadora concealed her discomfort, but there was a clear shift in her demeanor as she spoke.

"It concerns the Spell Forged."

"My feathers are my hands, don't worry about it." Koh chuckled. "It's both!"

At the stiffening in Iza's tone, Koh tilted her head, made more dramatic by the cant of her beak. Picking at her food, an appetizer charcuterie board was ordered as a whole meal, as Koh tossed little combinations of meat, cheeses, and breads into her mouth with clear glee. The joy faded, as the tone turned serious.

"What's up? Seems serious, then?"

Best be blunt about this.

"I will say outright that I will take my employment with the Harpers seriously, as well as the obligations I have made to the Spell Forged thus far.  I appreciate the opportunities that they have afforded me, and I understand what is at stake with what we've been tasked with."

Izadora placed one hand over the other on her lap.

"However, that said, one of the biggest reasons I've involved myself in this endeavor is because I am horrified at the thought of how this group would treat my mother if I wasn't there," the woman said sternly.

"I know she needs to be handled.  But the sheer brutality of how this group can handle their problems makes me afraid for anyone that crosses them- myself included.  I still feel as if I don't word my objections in the precise way to certain members, I might be met with violence.  So imagine how I feel when the last family I have on this world is their enemy?"

Her brow knit ever so slightly, a crack in the veneer that hid her growing irritation.

"Well.  Truthfully, I might have more living family.  But as it happens this group's tendency toward violence denied me finding out more about that for the foreseeable future.  As it happens, had they listened when the Black Spider called for mercy, I could have learned more then what I was able to from his journal and what little time I was able to actually spend with my mother before I had to betray her.  But, what's done is done."

She smiled at Koh, before picking up her drink and sipping it.

"Oi..." was the first sound Koh let out, swallowing hard at the heavy shift in tone. Unfortunate understanding brought Koh's feathers to deflate some as she followed Iza's logic. The punctuation upon Iza's worry, if Koh read the mouth signs right, was purely sarcastic and brisk. Blinking hard, she sighed with an exaggerated nod of her beak.

"Quite the pickle, eh?" Clapping her beak in soft, hollow sounds, she thought, letting silence permeate between them for an animated moment. "Honestly? You kinda popped into the group at a poor time to talk about that kinda stuff beforehand too. Comin' along for the ride isn't easy..."

With a little sigh, she puffed up again, cocking her head back up to Iza. "Really? I think what you told me is good. I think you should tell 'em the same thing. Everyone's careful in this lil oddball flock we have here, but everyone's messy. And even if you're all clean, the stuff with your ma isn't. We're kinda in a new chapter, we're kinda in a new space-- Harpers, the Gauntlet, the whole thing. I think you should tell folks how ya feel, cause? I'm glad you told me, I like to know, cause for all I do? There's a lot I don't know either.

"For example-- Lucas was real firm on this stuff in his village, maybe to the point of some extra pissed behavior. If we listened to him on things, they should listen to you too. I'll back you up, if you wanna. And if you don't like this option? We'll hit the drawing board again, eh?"

Izadora nodded along, listening intently as Koh spoke.

“Thank you for listening, Koh.”

She fidgeted with her cup, tracing her finger along the rim absentmindedly as she mulled over her superior’s words. 

The logic was sound, and if it was a solution that involved speaking, Iza surmised she shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.  It was a reassurance to know the group had listened to such things before.

“I think all that you mentioned is all I can really do.  I know I should be upfront about this, and now is likely as good as any to do so.  Now is a time of change, after all.”

Again she pursed her lips.  Iza was used to honeyed words.  Reassurances and promises that were never kept.  So the offer to back her up if needed stood out to her.  

Her instincts told her that she couldn’t trust words like that.  But, Koh’s consistent sincerity had her a bit off kilter.  There was a warmth in her words, one she had only found before in people she had learned she could trust.

“It does help, though.  For you to even offer to back me up.  From what you say, you may not need to.  But it would put me at ease if you were ready to, just in case.”

While it was so slight it was barely noticeable, Iza smiled.

“I would like that.”

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