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Love Among the Moogles [Kuper and Mogrey]

A flash. A blur. And a question, whispered low.

"Would you like to continue where we left off? Cause, you know-- haha, mates and all?" A different, heated, smile (yet still, somehow so goofy) could be heard in Mogrey's voice as his paws cupped around his mouth. The message was only for Kuper between the din of drums, flutes, and the low hum of neighboring camps. "I saw you looking at me. It's like the night we met~"

The night itself had been surprisingly joyous. The stew presented to Ottiliya was well received, all ate their fill. At Juna's melodies carried through the night, the dancers did what they loved. Swaying hips and fluid rhythmic motions, only highlighted by the glint of star and firelight. 

It was there, that Mogrey's eyes locked on Kuper. 

And she agreed. Her stained pom flushed with color.

"Y-yes... I'd, uhm, I'd like that."


Spiriting away, the young couple wove through the tents, hand in hand. Mogrey, confident. Kuper, starry-eyed. While only one here was new to such actions, Mogrey pulled her hand and tugged her close.

"I'll take care of you, dontchu worry." Mogrey reassured her, at the threshold of his tent. "But first, you just gotta be you."

The coveted summoner's horn, clutched in Kuper's free hand, transferred hands to his. Kuper was reluctant, still, his smile reassured her as he tugged it away from her.

"This'll be here in the morning." Mogrey continued. "But you. You'll be here tonight? Right?"

He gently tossed the horn into the tent and turned his full attention back to Kuper. With another gentle tug, Mogrey guided her to him. Just Kuper and Mogrey shared a kiss. 


The experience itself? Over. The afterglow? Not so much. 

Curled up together, on top of a bedroll and under a woolen blanket, two young Moogles laid together with only fur between them. 

"I told you, I'd take care of you. Did'ya have fun?" He looked down to Kuper with a twinkle in his eyes, visible even without much light. Maybe he winked... but it was hard to tell in the dark.

Kuper laid cuddled up to Mogrey, smiling. Still astonished by the recent events, she didn't hear him.
She queitly mumbled to herself, "I can't believe that just happened."

As nary a mumble could be heard through the silence, Mogrey just laughed. Chest moving alongside of his laugh, even a Moogle's laugh could be heard as more of a rumble in the chest from Kuper's vantage point.

"What's the matter Hot Stuff? Carbuncle got your tongue? Even after all that?" He inquired with a satisfied grin in his voice. "I can believe it happened, ya know."

He squeezed her shoulder tighter, drawing her into the ruff of white fur on his chest. "But.. uh, you did have fun, at least... right?"

Kuper closed her eyes as her head rested on his chest. "No it's not that..." Her voice trailed off as she almost nodded off. She felt so comfortable being next to him.

Wait a second...

The young moogle's eyes snapped open as she sat up. She gasped. "Mogrey I didn't mean it like that. I meant no to the carbuncle comment." Her pom glowed with embarrassment. "I did have fun though..."

Mogrey smoothed down the mottled fur on top of Kuper's head, partially to clear it out of his mouth, and partially for an extra element of closeness. Carding his paw through the fur he listened to her words with a bemused chuckle.

The chuckle turned to a little bit of a snort as he laughed aloud again. "Oh wow, Kuper. You wound me so!~" His tone was full of absolute, theatrical, nonsense, "I didn't even get you to summon Jade! Looks like we'll have to practice a little more, after all."

Mogrey's hands moved to around Kuper's waist. He jostled her around, playfully, shifting her in response to her true answer. "You know that's a goal, right~? Anyway. I want you to be able to enjoy yourself here, 'Just Kuper,' my dear.

"Rhyming aside... ya know it makes me happy to hear that. I got a little nervous for second there." A little twinge of relief was clear behind his confident tone.

Kuper's cheeks burned more as she remembered an entry in her ancestor's journal.

"M-mogrey I r-really don't think that you should try to make that a goal. I-I don't think that that is necessary."

She giggled as he shifted her. The young moogle looked at her parnter, trying to muster a shocked look between the giggles.

"Oh so the confidant Mogrey does get nervous every once in a while. If I remember correctly you told me that you never got nervous."

"Look. I didn't say it was nnnnnnecessary~" Mogrey drew out, the smile still clear in his voice-- no longer wavering, "I think it'll be a fun challenge! Annnnnnnd, it'll give you somethin' to look forward to, kupo. How about it?"

His laugh became a snort as Kuper ribbed him.

"I mean, no helping a little stage fright. 'Specially when it was your first show! Ya can't just come to the rehearsal. Ruins the magic~"

Kuper chuckled. "Whatever you say."

She cuddled up to her partner again. It was silent for a few moments. Not sure of what to do next, she sheepishly looked up to Mogrey.

"Umm so now what kupo?"

"What now??" Mogrey feigned a dramatic exclamation, "What now?"

"We could do anything, ya know! We could sleep, but that's boorrring. We coouullddd cuddle~" Mogrey pulled Kuper closer with a nuzzle, laughing as he went. "There's pillow talk! Oh, there's also another round, kupo!"

Mogrey laughed as another nuzzle and a wink in the dark could almost be heard in the young Moogle's voice.

Flirtations aside, he held her close. His shoulders shook with laughter at her reactions to his overblown antics. "What do you want to do, kupo. Cause I could keep spittin' ideas, you know."

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