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Character Applications

Latest: Zar'Kaa: Character Applic... by Zar`Kaa
Eventually to be a sub-forum of season one.
Warcraft: Prologue

Nyxxa Murkthorn
Latest: Nothing More, Nothing Les... by Nyxxa Murkthorn
All threads dealing with stuff before campaign started. I'm not very creative on blurbs right now.
Warcraft: Chapter One

Latest: Memory of a Blade by Lantresor
On Azeroth, the troll Zalazane rises from the grave via unknown in order to seek out his place as the king of troll-kind and the symbol of a new era of vengeance against those who had beat them back, while warlocks and intrigue pepper the streets of Silvermoon. Meanwhile, an unlikely Warband on Draenor set off to capture a naaru for the use of the Hordeā€”an action that serves as the first step of an invasion of another world.
Warcraft: Chapter Two

Finnall Goldensword
Latest: The Sacking of Silvermoon by Finnall Goldensword
Tensions mount.
Warcraft: Chapter Three [The Scales Tip]

Latest: [Added to Timeline] Demon... by Velameestra Windrunner

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