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To: Stephanivien
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Eight Divergent Souls, They Were
Letters from the Clones
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Two Whom It May Concern
The letter arrived at the Fortemps manor, crisp and clean. The unbroken wax seal was a rich shade of brown, stamped (a bit far to the left) with the shared symbol of the White Mage and Orshon the Wanderer. The letter, inside, however, does not share the same prestige. The text is written in out-of-practice, yet still neat, cursive. Each line slopes awkwardly up or down, some lines recorrect themselves midway through the page. The swirling black ink is smudged through lines of text, a few gently-pressed finger prints seem to have fumbled on the page. There are four, small indiscriminate drops of liquid dot the page between words, smudging the corners of some.
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Letters to Amdapor. Letters to the Mist.
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Emile Oberon's "Formal Code of Chivalry and Conduct"
Through rigorous education and self-governed study, Emile has constructed a robust and detailed series of protocols on how a proper gentleman and “Man-of-Honor” should conduct himself in all walks of life. His protocols and codes is always being edited and revised as needed, though many of his tenants are adapted from other pre-existing works. Emile has broken his Code into four different categories: Base Codes of Chivalry, Codes of Courtly Love and Romance, Codes of Conduct and Combat, Rulings for Final Judgments. This is a list of the tenements he has composed thus far.
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Chicory's Two-Legger, Great Nest Report
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To Whom it May Concern
Tap! Tap! Tap! A knock on Pumpkin's door. Normally, the post moogle would leave it in the box, but he was given expressed instructions to deliver this to Pumpkin's hands personally. "A letter for you, Miss Pumpkin, kupo!"
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Letters to Papa
A series of letters exchanged between Sugar Plum and her father, Masha'to.
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Bellini's Chart of Utmost Importance
Below, you will find a running list of all of the individuals that I deem important enough to include within my list. "A list?" you might be asking. "Bellini, you hate lists." Well, I never said that, but I suppose that is a fair enough assumption. But this is not just an ordinary list. This is THE list. Still don't get it? Well, just read on, then~
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Bellini's Nicknames of Superior Cleverness
Twila's friends are quite the... interesting lot. And interesting things tend to deserve interesting nicknames.
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