Garbage Day

Full Version: Sith and Sniper [Records of the Late Darth Antagonus and Orlun Kess]
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Subject: Immediate Temporary Transfer to New Command
Sender: Encrypted.

Private Verr.

In light of your recent accomplishments in the beginning of the Minos Cluster Campaign and your exemplary skills of Marksmanship among the Empire's active soldiers, you have been flagged for immediate transfer to Dromund Kaas.

For your comfort and convenience, Private Nash Theras, also of your unit, has been cleared for transfer.

Upon the reception of this missive, you are now under the direct command of Lord Kess, effective immediately.

Transport will begin at the Dorne Base landing pad at 8:00 AM Primeday. All firearms are to be transported within ther according, marked, cases in accordance with the A562 Imperial Armed Forces Weapons Check and Transferal Code procedures.  You are responsible for your own luggage and personal effects.

The Empire thanks you for your service.

Glory to the Emperor.