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Best Intentions [Vel/Arlethal]
Latest: Velameestra`s Sh..., Today 02:28 AM
Heart to Heart [Zuni & Zar'Kaa]
Latest: Zar`Kaa, Yesterday 11:32 PM
Where the Roots Grew [Vel Shard/Tyrande]
Latest: Tyrande Whisperw..., 06-27-2022 10:47 PM
[Added to Timeline] The Road to Hel
Latest: Lana`thel Duskse..., 06-22-2022 12:34 AM
Welcome to the Fold (Arthak/Bakaz)
Latest: Bakaz, 06-21-2022 09:16 PM
Correspondence: Izadora to Liset
Latest: Izadora Laska, 06-20-2022 11:00 PM
Making the Host of it [Vel/Moroes]
Latest: Moroes, 05-25-2022 06:20 PM
Beauty and the Beast (Izadora Snapshot)
Latest: Izadora Laska, 05-22-2022 10:55 PM
Not My Business (Izadora and Nayiss)
Latest: Nayiss Ourobori, 05-19-2022 11:40 PM
Dead Silence [Vel/Medivh]
Latest: Velameestra Wind..., 05-14-2022 06:30 PM
World of Warcraft: Redux Wiki

The portal was never opened to unleash the Horde on Azeroth, and nearly 40 years later the world still resided in relative peace, free from many of the trials and tribulations of the main timeline... until they weren't. It's a wild ride.
Warcraft | Chapter 4: Homecoming

Velameestra`s Shards
Latest: Best Intentions [Vel/Arle... by Velameestra`s Shards
The Alliance party has emerged from the Shadowlands alive, but across the sea on the continent of Kalimdor, while the Horde contends with the fallout of the Dark Portal's closure and the shattering of Draenor into Outland.
Warcraft: Text-Based Interactions

Nyxxa Murkthorn
A repository of all the forum interactions done in past chapters.
Journals & Correspondence

Velameestra Windrunner
Latest: Velameestra's Journal by Velameestra Windrunner

Tyranny of Dragons

Izadora Laska
Latest: Correspondence: Izadora t... by Izadora Laska

Of Cogs & Clefairies Wiki

Steam, gears, and alchemy? Oh my. The region of Lanorae is one caught up in the throes of industrial and social revolution, and pokemon are along for the ride in an epic world-building campaign project almost a decade in the making.
C&C: Text-Based Interactions

The Archivist
Latest: In the Silent Abyss by The Archivist

FFXIV: Text-Based Interactions

Pumpkin Spice
FFXIV: The AUverse

Latest: The Knights' Most Pressin... by Truenikos
Sometimes you have a weakness for the zany and out of character, and that is where the AUverse comes out to play! Feel free to post any and all out of character or wacky snapshots and interactions right in here.
Letters & Journals

Yvonne Greystone
Latest: To: Stephanivien by Yvonne Greystone

Fire Emblem: Immortal Ties Wiki

Fire Emblem: Text-Based Interactions

Alstroemeria Locksley
Letters & Journals

Latest: Letters to Reynard by Byrintus

Ripple Effect

Andrew McCarthy
Latest: A Different Time [Drew an... by Andrew McCarthy
Jessie, Rusty, Lynn and Lotte, Ryann, Drew, Mark and friends take on the budding superhero landscape in the Steel City. (DM'd by James)

Riel Veritas
Latest: Dance with the Devil [Rie... by Riel Veritas
That campaign from a billion years ago that no one shuts up about. Riel, Niklaus, Sovi, Rathan, and Zeph continue their weird family dymanic in a shattered world. (DM'd by Stef in 20XX)
Eborodine: A Realm Rewound

Wait, Garbage Day happens irl too? I hear the graphics irl are awful and that it has a terrible level-up system.
Percy Jackson and the Time with No Main Characters

Latest: Hotel Valhalla by Brent
Nation of Nightmares

Latest: The Folly of Oliver Cross by EmilesEdge
Dan takes us through a lollapalooza of spooks
Miscellaneous Realms

Alexander Hemsworth
Latest: Hemsworth Origins by Cayleth Kess
Itching to use old characters? Revisiting back stories? Don't have a forum for it? Here it is.
Immersive Echoes Wiki


Revelation Descent Wiki

Do you dare to step into the world of the Revelation Descent - where insanity reigns supreme and reality is a lie? The wiki contains all known information of the world at large, as well as character profiles, session summaries, and a campaign timeline, so even if you haven't been keeping up it's easy to at least get the gist of what has been going on with the unfortunate party that has been swept into the midst of it.
A 5E Campaign of Ecstasy and Enlightenment

Seirye Centri
Latest: A Little Secret by Seirye Centri
Text posts for a small campaign taking place on Tuesday evening. Intrigue and horror. DM'd by James. Players: Eric, Kat, Tom, Brent, Stef, and Ana.
Letters & Journals

Seirye Centri
Latest: Seirye's Journal by Seirye Centri

General Discussion

Latest: The Quote Wall by PeachMimosa
Not everything is all about roleplay all the time. Oh, who are we kidding, yes it is, but here is a place where out-of-character shenanigans and chatter can be posted.

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